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Please select a nice picture (skyline, landscape, beach etc):

Don't mirror picture (You could have an ugly border in your little world when both ends of panorama doesn't fit)

How does it work?

Our little planet generator creates from you JPG/PNG pictures on the fly a new picture that looks like a tiny planet. It's like you have fed a picture on an elastic band and turn the right end clockwise untill it touches the left end. In most photos the right and left end are totally different, therefore we are mirroring the image vertically. You can disable this feature if you have a picture where both ends fit - just try both ways!
Best results are reached by 360° panorama pictures with the same exposure/illumination at all points. But for sure you can also use simple picuteres of skylines, the beach and so on. When making a picture, try to hold the camera as horizontal as possible. You should have at least one quarter of the height of the picture for the ground and one quarter for the sky.


Look at this picture of Shangai's skyline:

And its little planet: